Techniques for Minimizing Disputes and Controlling Risk to Stay on Track During the RFP Lifecycle

March 18, 2014 2:35pm

Hugh Lawson
Director, Business Development
Staples Promotional Products

  • Understand the importance of conducting due diligence on potential suppliers beforehand
  • Identifying risks prior to the RFP:
    • Bonding and insurance
    • Logistical challenges; Risks with international suppliers
    • Matching the right RFP model to the procurement process and supplier base
  • Designing the RFP to minimize disputes proactively:
    • Transparent instructions
    • Exclusion of bidders
    • Drafting tips
    • Dispute settlement mechanisms
  • Key personnel for managing the RFP; What requisite skills should they possess?
  • Ensuring vendors have established reasonable timelines
  • How to effectively communicate noncompliance issues
  • Ensuring transparency throughout the process
  • Examining leading cases and examples