What Buyers and Suppliers Need to Know to Secure and Match the Best Vendors and Contractors for the Job

March 18, 2014 10:15am

Rod Smith
Vice President, Sales Marketing

Sandy Brodie
Director, Vendor Management
Century Vallen

  • Assessing organizational needs:
    • Identifying core requirements
    • Centralized or distributed purchasing: Which is best for you?
    • Assessing the business, market and economic outlook
    • Using in-house resources or outsourcing
  • Developing vendor criteria
    • Using local suppliers or sourcing internationally? What are the risks?
    • Sourcing from small and medium enterprises; What are their special needs? How to communicate and bring them into the process?
  • Identifying and creating the bid list
    • Prequalifying suppliers; What criteria do you use?
    • Incorporating transparency and fairness
  • Benefits of automating the source list
  • When should you refresh the bid list?
  • How are supplier relationships changing?
  • Understand how trade agreements may affect your source list