An A to Z Guide for Writing Effective Request for Proposals, Including How to Seamlessly Customize Your Template

Mar 17, 2014 1:00pm – 

Chris Petrucci
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Making the right purchasing decisions is critical for ensuring your business needs are met. A well written RFP communicates to the market your organization’s needs, helps build stronger relationships with vendors and suppliers and increases competitive responses to further your bottom line. This workshop will examine strategies and techniques for creating an effective RFP to enable your organization to maximize the use of critical company time and resources and ensure you achieve a favourable outcome with suppliers.

  • Goals of the RFP
  • Writing for your audience
    • Ensuring an adequate supplier response
  • Introductory remarks
    • Background information; Contract objectives; RFP scope
  • Vendor instructions
    • Schedule; Submission information; Confidentiality statement
    • Format
  • Supplier request and questionnaire
    • Company information
    • Summary and details of supplier solution
    • Length of Contract; Terms and conditions
    • Payments, penalties and performance bonuses
  • Developing award criteria
    • Outcome and performance standards
  • Points of contact
  • Customizing the template
    • Language consistency
    • What to include; what to eliminate