Examining Current Trends, Issues, and Challenges in Today’s RFP Process: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your RFP Strategy is on Track

March 20, 2014 8:45am

Lula Kosanic
Senior Director, Vendor Management Infrastructure Business Services

Pina Trentadue
Supervisor, Contracts and Supply Chain Management

Niguel Mousseau
Legal Counsel
Aecon Group Inc

Catherine Workun Q.C.
Senior Legal Counsel

  • How can an RFP play a role in an organization’s business strategy?
  • Understanding the major obstacles vendors and contractors are facing when responding to RFP’s. How can buyers aid the process?
  • What makes a bad RFP? What makes a good RFP?
  • Are electronic RFP portals hindering or helping? How far can automation go?
  • Examine common mistakes made by the vendors and contractors? Where are the greatest improvements needed?
  • Explore trends and emerging practices in the RFP process?
  • How can communication and collaboration with suppliers be improved to enhance responses?
  • How can suppliers differentiate themselves amongst competitors to improve their chances for success? What makes a buyer happy?