Richard Venerus

RV & Associates

RICHARDVENERUS is the Principal at RV & Associates, (RVA) - aprocurement consultancy that specializes in supporting and improving theperformance of the strategic sourcing and contracting functions of its clients.Richard understands the issues that surround contracting and procurement fromdirect experience, and has witnessed first-hand the effect that poor managementand lack of strategy can have on personnel, business culture and results. After15 years of experience in both law and procurement, Richard started RVA to showbusinesses how they can realize the potential of their contracting andprocurement function. His focus on the improvement of both capabilities andculture creates better working environments and helps businesses unlock theinherent value in these functions… turning them from a source of frustration,into a competitive edge.  Before launching RVA, Richard was the head ofprocurement at a financial institution and was responsible for transforming thefunction to meet performance and regulatory compliance goals. Specifically, hewas responsible for modernizing its process and technology infrastructure andprofessionalizing its operations. Richard sponsored or led projects to: buildfoundational process infrastructure, implement contract management systems andtechnologies, build a strategic sourcing and category management capability aswell as develop a team of effective contracts and sourcing specialists thatmaintained good relationships with our client groups.