In order to capitalize on the increasing global demand for its wealth of natural resources, the Saskatchewan mining industry must find a way to successfully navigate a multitude of critical operational obstacles such as: adapting to decreased commodity prices, regulatory uncertainty, increasing environmental scrutiny, escalating project costs and near-impossible capital investments.

CI Energy Group’s 2nd Forum on Mining Excellence in Saskatchewan will provide your organization with critical information updates and the invaluable opportunity to discover how the industry’s leading experts are addressing and successfully solving the extensive challenges presently facing the province’s mining sector.

  • Gain critical insight into the key elements that drive capital investment in the province
  • Avoid costly project delays by clearly understanding how to navigate the exploration permitting process
  • Thoroughly understand and prepare for the consequences of the new greenhouse gas legislation
  • Discover best practices for working with Aboriginal groups to ensure environmental stewardship
  • Examine investment opportunities and strategies to accommodate the emerging Chinese and Indian uranium markets
  • Identify solutions for incorporating new technology into your mining operations
  • Learn best practices for remaining competitive in an uncertain market
  • Get an inside look into the current and future state of the province’s key mining projects

Plus! Enhance your learning by attending the two pre-conference interactive workshops:

A Multi-Disciplinary Mine Closure Planning and Implementation
B Proactive Strategies for Overcoming Mining’s Skilled Labour Shortage

Register today by calling 1-877-927-7936 or online.