PanelDissecting the Politics, Economics and Viability of Refining Options: What You Need to Know to Best Inform Your Short and Long-Term Decisions

December 4, 2013 4:15pm

David MacLean
Vice President
Alberta Enterprise Group

Joe Kuhach
N-Solv Corporation

Don Wood
Strategic Consultant, Associate
Bowman Centre for Technology Commercialization

  • Examining the dynamics around upgrading in Alberta
    • The status of projects that are proposed, under construction or on hold in the province
    • Evaluating the cost of refining in Alberta in comparison to Eastern Canada, the U.S. Gulf Coast and China
    • Looking at incentives for refining in Alberta – the Bitumen Royalty in Kind (BRIK) program
    • How would increased refining capacity in Alberta impact the oil sands industry
  • How well equipped are refineries elsewhere in Canada and in the US Gulf coast to handle increased supply from the oil sands?
    • Examining factors affecting preparedness
      • Crude transportation options
      • The status and capacity of existing and proposed refineries
  • Comparing and contrasting the cost and practicality of various refining options
  • Determining the role of diluent supply in determining where best to refine Alberta’s oil