Round Table DiscussionViable Solutions for Skilled Labour Shortages – Why a Shift in Thinking and Increased Collaboration Are Necessary for Success

December 5, 2013 3:45pm

Kelly Dixon

Gil McGowan
Alberta Federation of Labour

Steve McCrum
Vice President, Western Canada
Randstad Engineering

Bev Parker
Executive Director, Northeast Region, Employment & Financial Supports
Alberta Works – Human Services, Government of Alberta

  • Projected shortages in skilled workers in the oil sands and other resource industries in western Canada
    • Understanding the projected scope of these shortages
    • Which areas will be the hardest hit?
  • How labour and service shortages in supporting industries will impact oil sands development
  • Examining the roles that federal and provincial governments and industry must play in devising and implementing solutions
    • Who is currently responsible for what?
      • What programs are currently in place?
      • What types of programs are being planned for the future
    • How organized collaboration could expedite the realization of these programs and what must be done in order to make this happen
  • Determine how the available labour resources in Canada that are underemployed and under deployed be translated into productivity for the oil sands over the next 5-8 years
  • How the implementation and realization of mandatory apprenticeship programs could alleviate knowledge gaps caused by retirement
  • What role should temporary foreign workers play in the short and long-term strategies to alleviate skilled labour shortages?
    • What is the current level/percentage of foreign workers being used in the oil sands?