Using Commodity Market Insights for Oil Sands Project Planning: Making Sense of the Forecasts and Putting Strategic Knowledge to Work for You

December 4, 2013 11:30am

Patricia Mohr
Vice-President & Commodity Market Specialist

The price and availability of key commodities has a direct and profound impact on construction and operating costs for oil sands projects. This session will examine trends and forecasts in key commodities to help you adapt to market volatility.

  • Examining current and forecasted market values of important materials, including steel, copper, fuels, diluent, etc.
    • How does this compare to historic trends?
  • Understanding factors that drive price shifts and how to anticipate them and build them into your budgets and procurement plans
    • What are the differences between regulated and non-regulated commodities?
  • Assessing the relationship between resource availability and purchase price
    • In what situation would it be beneficial to stockpile or overestimate material requirements?
    • What are the risks involved and when would they outweigh the benefits?
  • What oil sands operators can do to best adapt to market changes, both expected and unexpected