Key Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Challenges with New OSFI Changes on the Horizon

May 28, 2014 11:00am

Jennifer Fiddian-Green CPA, CMA, CA-IFA, CFE, CFI, BA (Hons)
Partner & National Leader, Forensics and Dispute Resolution
Grant Thornton LLP

  • Top three issues encountered by OSFI when reviewing payments business operations
  • Gain important tools to address implementation challenges faced by your organization following the initial compliance to new OSFI requirements
  • Key considerations required by large and smaller scale financial institutions to monitor success of implementation of new OSFI requirements, how to ensure you remain compliant over time
  • Learn about OSFI’s recent changes to customer identification and records programs
  • Gauging the impact of regulatory reform on your business, especially:
    • due diligence efforts,
    • record keeping, and
    • documentation requirements