Tackling Fraud One Data Breach at a Time: Essential Guidance To Benchmark Your System to Comply with Privacy Laws

May 28, 2014 2:30pm

Lisa Abe-Oldenburg
Bennett Jones LLP

Bashir S. Fancy
Managing Director
Corporate Solutions and Services Inc.

The existing domestic privacy law landscape protects personal data, with the added safety of confidentiality requirements, but gaps exist. Learn how to identify these gaps in your existing framework, how to anticipate future risk areas and solutions to guard against compliance breaches.

  • Identifying the gaps in domestic privacy legislation to protect your organization
  • Practical strategies to create the most robust and comprehensive privacy plan tailored for the needs of your company
  • Analysis of electronic cheque kiting in Canada
    • Focus on Québec Court of Appeals decisions, which was accomplished within the confines of CPA rules.
    • Understanding who actually “pays” for this type of fraud
  • What are the most pressing risks in NFC communications, especially concerning data or privacy breach exposure
  • Insight into Manitoba’s privacy legislation on mandatory breach notification and whether similar legislation can be expected in your province