Bashir S. Fancy

Managing Director
Corporate Solutions and Services Inc.

BASHIR S. FANCY is a senior executivewith extensive and progressive Risk Management, Financial, Operations, Systems,Customer service, Product management, Audit and Governance experience globally.Mr Fancy specializes in the strategic planning and taking a pro-active holisticapproach in a fast paced financial, credit card and retail business. He hassuccessfully managed development and implementation of large and small systemsinvolving many countries. Mr. Fancy was responsible for developing both Issuerand Acquiring system ground up. Mr Fancy has in depth and extensive of thecredit card business and is called upon frequently on global basis to provideadvice. His leadership skills continue to generate significant bottom-linecontribution and value add creation for Organizations. Mr. Fancy is now theManaging Director of Corporate Solutions & Services Inc. having recentlyleft Deloitte & Touché LLP as a Senior Executive Advisor. Priorto joining Deloitte, Mr. Fancy was the Executive Vice President of RiskManagement & Security for Visa International as well as the global head ofInternal Audit. Mr. Fancy has had tremendous success in developing andimplementing Fraud Prevention programs for Visa and their “member banks”. Mr.Fancy was a key player in the development of the “Account Information Security(AIS) standards”, which has now come to be known as PCI-DSS standards. Mr.Fancy managed the “payment division of SNS (3rd partyprocessor) which provided point of sale and back office credit card processingfor all major Canadian banks. Mr. Fancy has held senior managementpositions at Citibank, Air Canada, Supermarket Group (major retailer), afterhaving started his accounting career at West Wake and Price, with majority ofthe group becoming part of PWC.