Securing Competitive Advantage Through Effective Training and Development

January 22, 2014 10:15am

Ricky Smith
Reliability Solutions Advisor
People and Processes, Inc.

  • Determining in-house training needs and how to prioritize them
  • Driving down unnecessary costs through training, including: downtime, consumption of replacement parts and equipment misuse or malfunction
  • Cross-training existing resources: how to hire more low-to mid level technicians to grow into the industry
  • Addressing knowledge transfer issues:
    • Examining effective ways to retain valuable information from senior employees
    • Exploring the benefi ts of launching a mentorship program
  • Training frontline maintenance tradespeople in reliability: going beyond reactive and integrating proactive maintenance management into trades training
  • How to secure support from suppliers and vendors
  • Ensuring employees are engaged and well-trained: tips for transforming employees into brand ambassadors