Lloyd “Tex” Leugner

President (Retired)
Maintenance Technology International

LLOYD (TEX) LEUGNER wasPresident and General Manager of Maintenance Technology International Inc. ofCochrane, Alberta, Canada until he retired in 2007. A technical graduateof the Canadian Military School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and withjourneyman qualifications as both a Heavy Duty Mechanic and Millwright, Mr.Leugner spent 15 years as a technical maintenance specialist with the CanadianArmy, including service with NATO in Europe and United Nations Peacekeepingmissions on the Gaza Strip, Cyprus and the Sinai.  He has been a member of the Society ofTribologists and Lubrication Engineers for over 30 years, has contributed manyarticles for the Society’s publication, Tribology and Lubrication Technologyandhas been STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist since 1993. During his career,he has authored over 300 articles and technical papers and written three bookson topics related to industrial maintenance and lubrication, including The Practical Handbook of MachineryLubrication and The Handbook ofMachinery Troubleshooting. He is a periodic contributor to the U.S. trademagazines; Machinery Lubrication, Power Engineering and Practicing Oil Analysis, as well as an award winningcontributing writer for Toronto’s Machineryand Equipment MRO magazine. Unwilling to fully retire, Tex consults periodically as anEquipment Reliability, Maintenanceand Lubrication Specialist for many of his previous clients.