Nick McDonald

Business Development Manager
ABB Robotics

NICK W. MCDONALD is Application Manager, Robots & Applications with ABB Inc. For over 22 years, he has been with ABB Robotics and in theforefront of industrial robotics technology in Canada. Currently, in his roleas Business Development & Application Manager, he is responsible for thepromotion and development of new businesses, new and advanced robotictechnologies, as well as new and unique robotic applications. As newmanufacturing techniques and products are introduced into industry, he assiststhe manufacturing community in adopting new methods of automating involvingrobotic vision, force sensing, robotics communication and many other innovativetechnologies. Nick has held various roles within ABB Canada involving roboticsService and Training, Product Development, Productivity Improvement, as well asSales & Marketing.  With over 200,000robot systems installed worldwide and thousands of complete automation systems,ABB is the largest automation system provider to the automotive andmanufacturing industries. In Canada, ABB Robotics is located in BramptonOntario.