Planning and Scheduling Your Way From ‘Find-It Fix It’ to ‘Predict-It Prevent It’

Jan 20, 2014 6:00pm – 

Lloyd “Tex” Leugner
President (Retired)
Maintenance Technology International

It takes thorough planning and the ability to schedule work based on a wide range of variables to move a maintenance department from reaction to proaction, effi ciently and effectively eliminate downtime. This workshop will help you to better:

  • Recognize where your maintenance dollars are being spent
  • Judge the development of your current work processes
  • Gauge the effi ciency of your workforce

You will then learn real-world working strategies to apply this information to a proactive system of planning and scheduling that includes:

  • Working models of the maintenance planning and scheduling process, including practical guidelines, tips and tricks to keep things on track
  • Clear responsibilities, terms and defi nitions to allow for easy information exchange
  • Effective organization and communication tools to facilitate coordination, cooperation and collaboration
  • Implementation steps consistent with a proactive “totally equipment management” maintenance organization

Lloyd “Tex” Leugner in his long and impressive career – including 15 years in the Canadian Forces – has authored hundreds of articles and papers as well as three books on industrial maintenance and lubrication. This interactive workshop promises to give you the tools that will move your maintenance philosophy from theory into practice.