Best Practices for Capital Project Integration with Turnarounds

February 25, 2014 11:05am

Donald Desjardins
Operations/Maintenance Coordinator Utilities
Shell Canada Ltd.

Many industry turnarounds are executed in conjunction with one or more large capital projects that heighten the complexity of the event. In this session learn how you can plan for work on simultaneous projects:

  • How can overlapping teams cooperate and use labour and materials most effectively? Aligning the goals of team members and upper management
  • What gaps exist and how can risk be managed between the turnaround and capital project teams? Ensuring that performance gaps are identified early to mitigate risks
  • What are the key integration phases for maintenance turnarounds and capital projects?
  • Project milestones being incorporated into the turnaround
  • Projects following full process as turnaround including ‘scope freeze dates’
  • Ensuring all elements including planning, scheduling and costs are accounted for in project integration; developing a detailed turnaround action plan