Applying Productivity to the Turnaround Schedule to Establish a Realistic Work Schedule

June 19, 2014 9:05am

Billy Davis
Turnaround Controls Manager
Chemours/KAP Project Services

Don Francis
Manager of Turnaround Services
EPCM-Professional Services International Inc.

The primary purpose of applying productivity to the schedule is to establish a realistic work schedule that matches the earnable hours timeline to the anticipated actual spend timeline.

The objective of this presentation is to:

  • Describe “how to apply productivity (PF) to the schedule” prior to base lining for execution
  • Present some of the core needs for applying productivity to a schedule
  • Provide guidance to those performing the productivity application, and be the basis for guidance to ensure consistent and efficient adjusting of the turnaround schedules to invoke an approved productivity factor

During this presentation we will discuss:

  • How best to determine the productivity (PF) to apply to the schedule by use of a “day in the life of study”
  • Discuss differences between “predictable” and “unpredictable” productivity debits
  • Discuss the necessary assumptions to allow for during planning
  • Discuss software set ups so P6 will function properly when productivity is applied
  • Discuss timing to best apply productivity to the schedule
  • Discuss what activities not to apply the productivity against
  • Learn how to use a global change to make the productivity adjustment

KEY TAKEAWAY: Learn how to determine the average daily ‘non-work time’ to ensure this is taken into account within the turnaround schedule for more accurate timelines