How to Do Business with the Government Successfully: A Vendors Guide to Understanding the Government Procurement Process

Jan 31, 2014 2:00pm – 

Brenda Swick
McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Government procurement of goods and services is a significant market within Canada and a sizable business opportunity for vendors of goods and services. Becoming a supplier to the government requires extensive knowledge of the rules and conditions imposed upon the procurement process given a government’s duty to treat all bidders fairly and equally. This workshop will examine how the government purchases goods and services and will identify strategies and tips that can help vendors become a winning supplier to governments at all levels.

  • Identifying government needs for goods and services; What are the sources of information?
  • What are the laws, rules and guidelines which control government procurement?
  • Examine government procurement principles and policies
  • What are the government’s obligations towards vendors?
  • How are bids solicited and how do you respond?
  • Explore how are bids evaluated and how the contract winner is decided?