Policing Protests

November 19, 2014 2:45pm

R. K. Friesen
RCMP Legal Advisory Section – Department of Justice Canada

  • The role of police in dealing with protests
    • Balancing competing rights
    • Charter issues
  • If an injunction is required, who gets it?
  • Under what circumstances will a court grant an injunction?
    • What evidence will justify limiting freedom of expression in the interests of public order?
  • Elements of an effective injunction
    • What should be in it?
    • Use of templates
  • Enforcing injunctions
  • Civil remedies vs. criminal charges, such as mischief

[Kyle Friesen was an] “Excellent speaker, highlight of the day”
– Mike Proctor, S/Sgt Ops. Support NCO, RCMP Edmonton, 2013 participant