Recent Developments in Privacy and Access to Information

November 20, 2014 10:00am

R. K. Friesen
RCMP Legal Advisory Section – Department of Justice Canada

David Loukidelis QC
Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board

  • The content of pre-employment and related police checks
    • How will police forces respond to Elizabeth Denham’s criticisms?
    • The CCLA report
    • Judicial review in Ontario regarding release of information about suicide attempts
  • Dealing with access to information requests regarding complaints against police
  • Police Chief Associations and Access to Information
    • An update on the BC’s Information & Privacy Commissioner’s recommendation made in April 2014
  • Lessons from Project Operation Warrant Execution
  • Public notifications regarding dangerous or sexual offenders in the community
  • Media access to information regarding a hearing that does not proceed, for example because the officer resigns
  • Significant cases and legislative initiatives of the past year
    • OPC concerns about RCMP procedures
  • Privacy and missing persons investigations
  • The constitutional challenge to PIPEDA
  • Should a record submitted for the purpose of appeal be available to the public?
    • Recent litigation at the ABCA and in the UK