Top Cases of the Year

November 19, 2014 10:15am

Derek Cranna
Field LLP, Edmonton

Anila Srivastava
Wilson, Butcher

  • Important discipline cases
    • The test for grounds for dismissal of a police officer
    • Charter breaches as disciplinary misconduct
  • Do police have a duty to produce draft investigative reports?
  • Appellate cases involving the LERB
  • The Land decision: How should Chiefs decide whether to send a matter to a disciplinary hearing?
    • Should they assess credibility?
    • Examples of how a set of facts could go either way depending on the threshold
  • Judicial interpretation of the B.C. Police Act amendments and what it means going forward
    • Judicial reviews
  • An update on the YVR perjury prosecutions
  • Burridge at the BCCA
  • Unionization of the RCMP at the SCC
  • Application of labour law principles to police discipline