Writing Reports on Disciplinary Investigations

Nov 18, 2014 7:00pm – 

Sheila Sullivan
Executive Resource Officer
Vancouver Police Union

Good, well-substantiated reports are crucial to the conduct of disciplinary hearings, particularly under the B.C. regime. Yet the required content is often poorly understood. This practical workshop will include reviewing a hypothetical report, identifying shortcomings and learning methods for correcting them.

  • Understanding the differences between preparing a Crown brief and a report on a disciplinary investigation
  • The legal requirements for a final investigation report under the BC Police Act and the directions from the OPCC
  • Identifying the relevant categories of misconduct and understanding the essential elements that must be proven
  • Understanding the relevant legal framework for the misconduct under consideration
  • How to analyse the evidence in your investigation and in your report; the importance of critical thinking and objectivity
  • How to deal with witness credibility and reliability issues
  • Understanding the standard of proof and how to assess your evidence in light of it
  • Disclosure requirements – what to include in the report
  • What purposes will the report serve?
  • The consequences of an inadequate report
  • Practical examples

Before joining the VPU, Sheila Sullivan practiced law and served as a police officer for 21 years, retiring with the rank of Inspector. For much of her career, she has been involved with legal training for police officers and boards.