Amending TAAs and ITAR Licenses Before They Become Null and Void: How to Work with Your U.S. Suppliers and Customers to Ensure Your Authorizations are in Line with New Requirements

January 29, 2014 1:30pm

• Assessing what needs to be amended, and the impact of U.S. export control reform
• How to prepare an amendment application
• What to look for in a TAA and WDA
– ensuring the draft TAA clearly defi nes territory where tech data exports can occur
– evaluating the scope of nationality coverage and if coverage is enough to facilitate adequate exchange of technical data
– incorporating derived data into TAAs
– determining your nationality base and ensuring coverage in agreements
– ensuring Canadian sub-licensees and sub-consignees are identified, including in-house service providers
– tracking and valuing defence services and technical data: key data to provide to your U.S. counterpart
• Ensuring correct invoicing, shipment documentation and classification by U.S. suppliers
• Concrete examples of successful amendment techniques
• Working with your U.S. counterpart to ensure seamless post-license and agreement implementation