How to Update Your Recordkeeping Procedures to Align with Reforms: Satisfying New EAR and ITAR Requirements for Record Retention, Retrieval and Destruction

January 29, 2014 2:30pm

• Key recordkeeping requirements in the EAR
• Reporting technical data exports, and data disclosed over the life of a license
• Types of records that need to be retained and how, including:
– transport documents
– licenses and supporting documentation
– memoranda, notes and correspondence
– contracts, accounting and fi nancial records
• Coordinating with sales, shipping, logistics, accounts payable and other departments to coordinate and centralize recordkeeping
• Developing data maintenance, preservation, retrieval and destruction procedures for your domestic and overseas offices
• Updating automation tools, and how to assess available software and vendors
• How long to retain records, and how to dispose of them
• When and how U.S. agencies can inspect your records, and what they look for