How to Use EAR License Exceptions to Support Your Re-Export Activities: Where Canadian Companies Go Wrong in Applying Eligibility Criteria under Exceptions STA, TSR and Others

January 29, 2014 10:45am

• Key exceptions and their scope of application
– Temporary Imports, Exports, and Reexports (TMP)
– Additional Permissive Reexports (APR)
– de minimis
– TSR (Technology & Software Restricted)
– TSU (Technology & Software Unrestricted)
– foreign direct product rule
– controls based on US persons or products
– Servicing & Replacement of Parts and Equipment (RPL)
– U.S. Government Exceptions
– Repairs
• License exceptions for the export and re-export of 600 series items
• When 600 series items will and will NOT qualify for the STA (Strategic Trade Authorization) exception
• License exceptions that can be used for sharing technology with foreign subsidiaries