Navigating the New Minefields of U.S. Re-Export & Re-Transfer Compliance: How to Implement New, Tricky EAR and ITAR Requirements, and Secure Authorizations

January 28, 2014 3:15pm

• How U.S. export control reform has changed the compliance landscape for re-exports of defence and dual-use items and technology
• How U.S. re-export and re-transfer controls are being applied to Canadian firms: U.S. Commerce and State Department criteria for reviewing re-export and re-transfer requests
• When an authorization is required and why: Importing U.S. technology to incorporate into manufactured goods
• Working closely with your U.S. counterpart and what to incorporate in your U.S. Government request
• Preventing delays in re-export licensing
• Marketing products outside of Canada or disclosing U.S. technology to non-Canadian nationals within Canada