Preventing Defence Services Export Violations: How to Ensure That Engineering Discussions and Technical Assistance Comply with EAR License Conditions and TAAs

January 28, 2014 4:30pm

• When providing services to a foreign party when offering a commercial or civilian product is a “defence service”
• Vetting a proposed technical collaboration with a U.S. company to ensure ITAR tainting does not occur
• When training on commercial items can become a defence service: Leveraging defence technical capabilities in commercial product development
• Segregating business units to prevent commercial services from becoming ITAR-controlled
• Preventing ITAR “taint” of commercial services
– how “defence services” can cover technical data related to EAR-controlled items
– when a dual-use business becomes ITAR-controlled
– preventing defence services export violations related to software development, technical support and assistance
• Recent trends in TAA license provisos and EAR license conditions relating to technical and collaborative discussions
• Training engineers on the scope of license provisos and exceptions
• What resources the U.S. Commerce and State Departments expect companies to devote to training
• Training in French and other languages: Key challenges and pitfalls
• Tracking compliance by engineers, and how to fl ag potential issues before they occur