When You Can Still Use ITAR Exemptions amid New US Reforms: Applying the Canadian Exemption to Your Manufacturing, Procurement, Business Development and Export Activities

January 29, 2014 11:45am

• Key exemptions, and when they apply and common mistakes that lead to misuse:
– Canadian Exemption: Who can use it and when, including its application to defence services, technical data and “build-to-print” tasks
– shipments by and for US Government agencies
– exemptions for plant visits
– maintenance exemption
– exports to US subsidiaries
– data for NATO and other country bid proposals
• Which exemptions apply to transfers of technical data only vs. transfers of defence services AND technical data
• How determine applicability of an exemption, and common mistakes to avoid in your determination
• How the U.S. Government interprets the exemptions, and determines the consequences of misuse
• Complying with recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the exemptions; shipping documents