• Special Focus on Export Control Reform and the Impact on Your Canadian Operations:
– Status of export control reform and EAR compliance expectations north of the border
– The future of ITAR compliance in Canada
– Defining “Specially Designed” under the EAR, ITAR and Canada’s Export Control List
– How to amend TAAs and ITAR licenses before they become null and void

• Export Control Reform in Practice: Companies share their experiences with managing transitional, compliance, operational and budgetary issues

• New U.S. Re-Export & Re-Transfer Challenges: How to Implement New, Tricky EAR and ITAR requirements

• Using Ear License Exceptions and Itar Exemptions to Maximize Your Profi tability:
– Do’s and don’ts of using EAR license exceptions for re-exports
– When and how you can still use the Canadian Exemption amid new reforms

• Hiring U.S. Citizens and Other Nationals: Juggling Canada’s Enhanced Security Strategy, EAR and ITAR nationality rules with Canadian human rights and privacy laws