3:30 Creating a Work-Life Balance by Learning How to Prioritize and Choosing which Battles to Take

January 21, 2015 3:30pm

Women are bombarded with messages that if they work hard enough and smart enough they can “have it all.” What does this really mean, and how do these unrelenting expectations distort the setting of realistic goals and milestones? Hear from a diverse panel of women about how “Having It Balanced” may be a better slogan. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Allocating your time and cultivating a full and healthy life outside the office while balancing the intensive commitment of a legal career and 24/7 availability through technology
  • Putting an effective support system in place to lighten the load and picking the right life partner
  • Owning and respecting our choices: a frank discussion of the politics of motherhood within the legal culture and how career choices impact the decision whether and when to start a family
  • Conquering the feeling of being “out of the loop:” Strategies for jumping back into your area of specialty after a leave of absence
  • Overcoming any hesitation to take advantage of corporate policies promoting work life balance and encouraging flexibility
  • Walking away from professional and personal guilt when something’s got to give
  • Learning to say no when you can’t give 110% on every front: knowing when to put your career to the forefront and when to put your personal life first