Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: Changing the Perception about Women in Leadership Positions in Energy and Environmental Law

January 21, 2015 8:45am

  • Challenging the lingering perception that environmental/energy law is a male field: how to highlight your presence in a leadership role
  • Where are we going, and where have we been: examining the upwards trend of the representation of women in environmental and energy law
  • Taking a current look at the statistics of women in executive positions at energy companies and in leadership positions at law firms
  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities for in-house and law firm retention of female talent
  • Discussing which diversity initiatives are working and designing sustainable diversity programs for energy companies and the outside law firms representing them
  • Keeping up morale in the face of a reputed “boys’ club” and gender pay gap
  • Embracing power and getting a seat at the table: why the energy industry, with its rapidly increasing female presence at high levels, is prime battle ground for a cultural shift