Making your Voice Heard: Communication Strategies for Women in the Male Dominated Environmental and Energy World

January 21, 2015 11:30am

  • Developing relationships and building trust to assert yourself when you are the only woman at the table
  • Understanding the importance of bringing rational ideas to the conversation to build credibility
  • Channeling and harnessing the “people skills” skills that bring success
    • The ability to collaborate
    • The ability to guide a team
    • Empathy and listening skills
    • Creativity when finding solutions
  • Remaining confident in the face of gender stereotypes or when you are the only woman at the table: breaking through fear, uncertainty, and shattering outmoded gender stereotypes regarding competence and credibility
  • Rainmaking and business development: Owning your femininity and maintaining authenticity while doing business in a “man’s world”
  • The legal sorority: Fostering relationships with similarly situated women and taking an affiliative rather than a competitive approach to relationships with our peers
  • Advocating for yourself and getting credit where credit is due: making sure your contributions and achievements are known and knowing when to push back when you aren’t getting suitable credit