Proving You Are “Tough Enough:” Overcoming Gender Bias in the Fracing Space and Selling Yourself

January 21, 2015 10:15am

The domestic oil and gas boom has created a tsunami that will last for the coming decade at least and women practicing in the environmental and energy space are undoubtedly involved in this movement. This session will provide you with guidance on how to sell yourself in an overwhelmingly male dominated sub-sector of the industry. In addition to hearing advice on proving that you are “tough enough” in law and business to accomplish the goals your clients are seeking, leaders will also discuss the leading substantive issues in fracing law right now. Topics will include:

  • Taking charge when you are the only woman at the table: best practices for proving you can be part of the “boys’ club”
  • Seemingly commonplace attitudes or unconsciously biased comments which may have a negative impact on lasting change
  • Twice as good, backwards, and in heels: Understanding and overcoming the perceptions of implicit inequality facing women lawyers in the quest for credibility
  • Understanding the current fracing regulations on both a state and federal level
  • Preparing for the future of fracing law suits by identifying current trends
    • Nuisance cases
    • Water contamination
    • Fear of cancer/medical monitoring
  • Comprehending myriad challenges that arise in the fracing process from usage and shortages, to frac fluid and chemicals, to the debate of recycling waters vs. processing it
  • Update on the power local governments have to limit and regulate fracing
    • Zoning issues
    • Lessons learned in Colorado and New York