Distinguishing Between Business Ethics and Legal Ethics and Ensuring that the Code of Professional Responsibility is Followed with Regard to Conflicts Challenges, Privileges, Internal Investigations, and Waivers

Jan 20, 2015 2:00pm – 

  • Overview of applicable conflicts laws and the legal code of professional conduct
  • Best practices for creating a system within your organization that protects confidential information
  • Benchmarking with your peers to determine what is acceptable vis-à-vis the Rules
  • Going beyond compliance with the ethical rules in the energy industry
  • Reconciling the struggle to stay within the boundaries of legal ethical standards while serving the best interests of your client or company
  • Walking the fine line between being a zealous advocate and making false statements
  • Dealing with the challenge of internal clients not following GC advice
    • What is your responsibility from a an ethical perspective?
    • What is your duty to the company in this gray world?
  • Lessons learned and potential resolution for the Halliburton case about internal investigations and waivers
    • How to field questions regarding privilege stemming from internal investigations
  • Going beyond the Park Doctrine: Understanding what individual liability exists for corporate attorneys
    • What are your responsibilities as a zealous corporate advocate, and when have you crossed the line?
    • How creative can you be with your statements to the government