Brenda Allen

Peak Talent Development

BRENDA ALLEN, MBA, is President of PeakDevelopment.  Brenda is an accomplished executive who is known as anexpert in the area of executive leadership. After working with topsenior people in global companies such as Suncor, Microsoft, Goldcorp andHSBC, she has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor to many. Brenda has a BAin Psychology and an MBA in Executive Management witha specialization in Consulting. Brenda is passionate about developingherself and others. She values her relationships with clients above all elseand that shows in the way she does business. Her approach is personable whileprofessional – clear while kind. She believes that developing people is key tobusiness success. It’s her unrelenting drive for quality and value that makesher services highly sought after. And it’s her experience and approach thatmakes her easy to do business with.