Carol Faull

Fusion Strategic Inc.

CAROLFAULL isa Partner and co-founder of Fusion Strategic Inc.  Carol is a compelling speaker and sought-afterconsultant with an uncommon depth of experience and insight into the pressingissues facing today’s leaders and organizations. As partner and co-founder –with Jim Allen – of Fusion Strategic, Carol shares key insights and hands-onexperience from their global client work as well as the publication theyco-authored on trust entitled ‘Aiming High: Renewing Trust in a Time ofSuspicion’. Self-proclaimed ‘corporate sociologists’, Carol and Jim have madethe study of organizational patterns and dynamics and the physiology,psychology and sociology of leadership their life’s work. Carol‘s globalendeavours and rich client experience have given her a profound understandingof diverse nationalities and workplace cultures. Whether she is addressing an audiencewith her insights, sharing original research or working one-on-one with aclient to create lasting impact, Carol’s passion and call to action are hard toignore.  Carol’s in-depth work withleading organizations around the world has contributed to building authenticand resilient leadership capability, fostered high-performing teams andultimately transformed workplace cultures. In addition to 11 years in seniormanagement roles with Bell Mobility, Carol has also launched successful mobiletelecommunication start-ups in India, Romania and Brazil. Some of Fusion’sclients are Banco Leon (Dominican Republic), Canadian Tire Corporation, HealthCanada, Indumotora: Subaru, Kia (Chile), McKinsey & Company, Scotiabank,Telus and United Way.