Edyta Pacuk

MarchFifteen Consulting

EDYTAPACUK isthe President of MarchFifteen Consulting, a firmthat specializes in Strategic Talent Management. She has over twenty years ofexperience in her field and specializes in leadership and executiveeffectiveness. She is known to be an innovative and effective business partner.As a coach and assessor, she focuses on leveraging her expertise and experienceto assist her clients in making the desired impact. She has a reputation forcandour and responsiveness. Adept at identifying game-changing priorities, Edytaprovides pragmatic advice and practical solutions for achieving individual,team and organization-wide goals. As a consulting Partner, she engages SeniorTeams in the alignment process, helping create a culture of collaboration andresults-orientation. She works extensively with leading Canadian andinternational private and public organizations in finance and investment,insurance, aerospace, publishing and mining industries. As a keynote speaker,Edyta is charismatic and engages audiences with her awareness of currenttrends, subject matter expertize and thought provoking questions. In additionto her law degree, Edyta holds Masters degrees in Industrial Sociology,Organizational Psychology and Adult Education. She also serves as a member ofthe faculty for the University of Toronto’s MMPA program and is also a memberon the board of Outward Bound Canada and the Pine River Foundation. She iscertified in a variety of behaviour and personality assessments and is a MasterTrainer in the Management Research Group (MRG) suite of tools.