Julie Hay

Vice President & General Manager
American Express Canada

JULIE HAYis the Vice President & General Manager at AmericanExpress Canada.She oversees theoperations of the American Express customer care center in Markham, Canada.  Julie joined American Express in 2001 asassistant marketing manager in Markham and was promoted twice, taking onexpanded responsibilities in product and portfolio management. In 2007, sherelocated to London, England as Marketing Director. In 2010, she was promotedto Vice President, Marketing, and her remit expanded to include UK Partnershipsand Project Management for the UK marketing group. In 2012, she returned toMarkham after being promoted to her current role with the Canadian customercare center.  Julie earned her Master ofBusiness Administration from Schulich School of Business, a Master of Educationfrom OISE University of Toronto and holds a Bachelor of Education from BrockUniversity and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. Priorto joining American Express, Julie was a language teacher and had a smallbusiness developing curriculum and teacher-training programs for languageschools.