Lieutenant General Christine Whitecross

Commander of the Canadian Forces Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct, Chief of Military Personnel

CHRISTINEWHITECROSS isthe Chief Military Engineer of the National Defence. Major-General ChrisWhitecross enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1982, joining the CanadianMilitary Engineers after spending 4 years in the Cadet program. Her postingshave taken her from Germany to almost every province in Canada. Staff dutieshave included postings as A4 Airfield Engineering Operations at 1 Canadian AirDivision, Winnipeg; Executive Assistant to the Chief of the Air Staff atNational Defence Headquarters, Ottawa; Director of Infrastructure andEnvironment Corporate Services for the Assistant Deputy Minister(Infrastructure and Environment), and as Joint Engineer for Canada Command. Hervarious assignments have included: F1/G4 for the Force Engineers, UnitedNations Protection Force, in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia; Wing ConstructionEngineering Officer, Greenwood; Commanding Officer, 1 Construction EngineeringUnit, Moncton; Commander, Joint Task Force (North), Yellowknife, NWT; DeputyCommander, Canadian Operational Support Command, Ottawa; and most recently,Deputy DCOS Comms, ISAF HQ, Kabul Afghanistan. She was promoted to her currentrank of Major-General at the end of her one year tour with ISAF HQ on June 30,2011.  Major-General Whitecross has aBachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University and a MastersDegree in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College. She is a graduate ofboth the Command and Staff College and the Advanced Military Studies Course,both conducted at the Canadian Forces College. She is a recipient of the Orderof Military Merit and was awarded the US Defense Meritorious Service Medal forher service at ISAF HQ.  MGen Whitecrosswas posted into the position of Chief of Staff for Assistant Deputy Minister(Infrastructure and Environment) and appointed Chief Military Engineer of theCanadian Forces at National Defence Headquarters on August 9, 2011.