Marni Johnson

Workplace Communication & Diversity Inc.

MARNIJOHNSON isthe President of Workplace Communication &Diversity Inc. Since 1989, Marni and her team of qualified trainershave been involved in organizational development and training in a number ofsectors: manufacturing, health care, food production, call centre, hospitality,not-for-profit, information technology, municipal, federal and provincialgovernment. After conducting comprehensive organizational needs assessments,they have designed and delivered training in the areas of Cultural Diversity,Gender Diversity, Generational Diversity, Workplace Harassment and ViolencePrevention, Sexual Harassment, Mutual Respect, Ontario Human Rights Training,Supervisory Skills, Workplace Business Communication and PronunciationTraining. Marni was asked to be a subject matter expert in the TVOntario videoseries, “Managing Diversity”. In addition, she was involved in several federaland provincial curriculum design projects, most notably in the publication ofCanada Works, which was commissioned by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Marni has a Bachelor of Arts degree and aBachelor of Education Degree along with a certificate in Diversity Trainingfrom the American Institute for Managing Diversity in Chicago where she studiedwith Dr. Roosevelt Thomas Jr. Over the last several years she has been apresenter at several Canadian and international conferences including the CSTD,Toronto; The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) New York; The4th, 5th and 6th Annual Diversity Conferences, Accommodating Persons withDisabilities, Maximizing Communication and Conflict Management Skills, Toronto.She also was selected to speak at the “International Diversity inOrganizations, Communities and Nations” conference in Amsterdam in 2007.  Marni is a member of the Board of Directorsfor the Halo Foundation a corporation that supports charities that assist youthat risk.