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Canada must do more to engage aboriginals on pipelines by Julie Gordon, posted on Reuters

Canada must do more to build trust with aboriginal communities to win their support for resource projects such as oil pipelines and natural gas terminals, a government report said on Thursday. “There has not been a constructive dialogue about energy projects. Aboriginal leaders are prepared to engage and Canada will need to address issues on their agenda,” Douglas Eyford, the federal government’s special representative on west coast energy infrastructure, said in the 58-page report. [Read More…]

Trust key in working with First Nations on resource projects by Jessica Hume, posted on Sun News Network

The feds have been given a road map of how to improve relations with First Nations in resource projects, but the document also warns that failure to improve trust between the government and aboriginals could impede potentially lucrative proposals, such as Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. Douglas Eyford was appointed special federal representative on west coast energy infrastructure projects and tasked with figuring out how aboriginal priorities can be squared with the federal government’s goal of expanding resource development for export. [Read More…]

Music video by MP Angus calls out our Indigenous genocide by Ethan Cox, posted on Canada.Com

n an internet world dominated by cute cat gifs and listicles, it isn’t often that an academic book on Canadian history makes so much as a ripple, let alone an impact. But then, Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics, Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life, a chart-topping book by Saskatchewan university professor James Daschuk, is no ordinary piece of history. [Read More…]

About one-third of aboriginal Canadians don’t trust oil and gas companies: poll by Kelly Cryderman, posted on the Globe & Mail

About one-third of aboriginal Canadians say they have no trust in oil and natural gas companies, or energy executives, as a source of information on energy issues, according to a new survey from the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. Using a scale of zero to 10, where zero is “not at all trustworthy” and 10 is “very trustworthy,” 26 per cent of those surveyed gave oil and natural gas companies a rating of five or higher. Energy company executives received a score of five or higher from 24 per cent of respondents, according to Professor Michal Moore. [Read More…]  

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