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Canada natives vow to fight protest ban, posted on PressTV

An indigenous group in Canada has vowed to continue to fight for the right to protest against fracking activities on traditional lands in the northern province of Alberta. The pledge by Lubicon Lake Nation comes as a Calgary court granted last month Penn West Petroleum Ltd – an oil and gas production company – an injunction that effectively shut down a three-week protest by the group.   [Read More…]

ER death inquest to focus on hospital wait times by Chinta Puxley, posted on the Metro Toronto

An inquest examining the death of a man during a 34-hour wait in a Winnipeg hospital emergency room is poised to tackle the thorny “nationwide phenomenon” of long hospital wait times and backlogs. But many are hoping the inquest will go further, delving deeper into why many assumed the double-amputee aboriginal man was a homeless person seeking shelter or a drunk “sleeping it off” while he slowly died in the ER waiting room of Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre in September 2008. [Read More…]

Canadian Native Reservations Lead To ‘Social Evil’, Say Scholars, posted on Science 2.0

Chronic unemployment, dependence on government welfare and internal social division are the result of Canadian social welfare for natives – despite the substantial resources devoted, according to a new study. The work, jointly performed by the University of Alicante, the University of Granada and Laurentian University, was prepared by University of Alicante lecturer in sociology Raúl Ruiz Callado.  [Read More…]

NunatuKavut slams government’s record on aboriginal issues in 2013 by Daniel MacEachern, posted on The Telegram

The president of NunatuKavut says the provincial government is exaggerating its claims of advances made for Newfoundland and Labrador’s aboriginal people in 2013. In a statement released Tuesday, the provincial government said “significant achievements were made in 2013” by the provincial government in advocating for the “social and economic well-being of aboriginal people in Newfoundland and Labrador.” [Read More…]  

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