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Hip-Hop’s Aboriginal Connection by David Sommerstein, Posted on 89.9 WWNO

At the entrance of a new exhibit at Montreal’s Musée d’Art Contemporain, visitors are greeted with a red neon glow and a ping-pong of sounds. A dubstep groove thumps. A high-hat skitters. A pow-wow chant echoes from another room. Beat Nation: Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture has become something of an art sensation in Canada. Featuring more than two dozen artists using beats, graffiti, humor and politics to challenge stereotypes, the exhibit coincides with the growth of Idle No More, an indigenous political movement in Canada.    [Read More…]

Sir John A.’s relationship with Aboriginals needs a closer look by Don Smith, posted on the Globe & Mail

Today, Jan. 11, is the birthday of our first prime minister. The 200th anniversary arrives next year. Just three months ago, Phil Fontaine and Bernie Farber mentioned John A. Macdonald in The Globe. They refer to his “policy of starving First Nations to death.” [Read More…]

Nelson new regional chief by Alexandra Paul, posted on the Winnipeg Free Press

Drums celebrated the election on Thursday of Manitoba’s most controversial and militant aboriginal activist as the province’s new southern grand chief. But the victory of Terry Nelson was a squeaker. It took four ballots to nail down the leadership, and, even after Nelson led a slate of five candidates vote after vote, the final victory was wrung out of the narrowest of margins: 16 votes against 14 from his nearest challenger, former Manitoba chief Norman Bone.  [Read More…]

What does ‘duty to consult’ mean?, posted on the Vancouver Sun

Grand Chief of B.C.’s First Nations Summit Ed John, meanwhile, insisted that development won’t happen until aboriginals, as rights holders, are properly consulted. Unfortunately for Canadians, the two leaders appeared to be talking past one another. It is worth noting the prime minister delivered his comments to a Vancouver Board of Trade business audience rather than directly to aboriginal representatives in B.C. And that very circumstance symbolizes the huge gap that continues to exist between government and native Indians when it comes to aboriginal consultation on resource development. [Read More…]  

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