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Aboriginal opportunities is Minister’s focus by Charelle Evelyn, posted on The Prince George Citizen

Equipping northern B.C.’s aboriginal communities with the ability to participate in incoming trades jobs will go a long way towards closing the skills gap, said the federal employment minister. [Read More…]  

Pregnant student studying cases of murdered and missing Aboriginal women disappears in Halifax by Adrian Humphreys, posted on the National Post

Loretta Saunders is an Inuit woman and criminology student studying incidents of murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada so, when her family suddenly and inexplicably lost contact with her on Valentine’s Day, it raised alarm.  [Read More…]  

Filling necessary jobs for industry ‘no slam dunk’, says federal employment minister by Shaun Thomas, posted on the Prince Rupert Northern View

Federal Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney is holding no illusions of a simple solution to the skilled labour shortage facing the Northwest with the boom in industrial interest in the region. [Read More…]  

Canada: Catholic Church still owes money for Indian Schools settlement, posted on UPI

The Canadian government says the Catholic Church is stonewalling on millions of dollars in restitution to former students at church schools for Indians.  [Read More…]  

First Nations group takes Conservatives’ aboriginal education plan to court, posted on Medicine Hat News

The Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador is requesting a judicial review of the Conservative government’s reworked plan for aboriginal education. The group is asking the Federal Court to prevent the legislation from going ahead without its endorsement.  [Read More…]  

Canadian Government slams the door in the face of Goliath enviro-supporting Rockefellers by Judi McLeod, posted on Canada Free Press

In the ongoing,  mammoth underground ‘Rockefeller vs. Canada Battle’, it’s Rockefeller 0, Canada 1. You can hear the enviro screams from Canada all the way to the American EPA—latest warrior to join the battle against the long-detained Keystone XL Pipeline. [Read More…]  

Minister Kenney consults with First Nations leaders and employers on jobs, skills and the economy, posted on The Sacramento Bee

The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development, today wrapped up consultations with First Nations leaders and employers across northern British Columbia before beginning a tour of the Territories. [Read More…]    

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