Kate Kerr

Kate-Kerr Kate Kerr

Vice-President Pigeon Branding + Design





Kate Kerr is a believer.  She believes in the power of reinvention and effective change.  She believes in the power of well-considered brands and the ability of design to powerfully influence consumer choice.  She has brought her beliefs to bear while leading global efforts on behalf of  some of the world’s leading brands including Mars, M&M’s, Uncle Ben’s, McDonald’s, Wal Mart, and Kraft.  And, she’s done so working with one of the top design consultancies in London, England and three of Canada’s top firms.  She believes the most successful outcomes revolve around welcoming adversity, thriving on simplicity, listening ruthlessly, and demanding complete clarity.  In her current role at Pigeon*, Kate devotes her time to leading innovation on behalf of the company’s clients, developing and implementing strategic vision, and growing the business through effective marketing and external engagement.  Not one to sit idly by, her approach to life is consistent with her business acumen.  She is a mother to two wonderful boys, a wife, a marathoner, a disciple of mindful meditation, and a genuine ‘surthrivor’.   In addition to her priceless real-world experience, Kate holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Durham University, England and several diplomas from the UK’s Design Business Association.  While she does possess a charming British accent, Kate is a native-born Canadian, raised in England, and enthusiastically global in her outlook and experience. Kate is a speaker at the Women’s International Forum.