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The Multiplier Effect: 3 Adaptations To Help Women Scale Big

There is no doubt: women entrepreneurs are a powerful economic force. In the US, they start businesses at twice the rate of men and are at least half owners of 46% of privately held firms in the country. Even more impressive, the post-recession increase in jobs in the US has come almost entirely from two places — large public companies and women-owned businesses. And yet, only 2% of women-owned businesses in the US break US$1 million in revenue (and even fewer in Canada), let alone scale up really big. In contrast, businesses owned by men are 3.5 times more likely to reach that $1 million threshold. [Read more…]  

Female experts: why do we ignore them?

The House of Lords select committee on communications has launched an inquiry into women in news and current affairs broadcasting. They want to know whether women are properly represented and what, if anything, broadcasters are doing to achieve gender equality. I would add that we also need to know whether it’s the media not selecting women experts over men or if the expert women we do have aren’t speaking up loudly enough and making the media more aware of their presence. [Read more…]


Should Women Have To Talk Sports To Get Ahead In Business?

Today, I had the distinct pleasure of having my blood boiled over a recent LinkedIn article – A Small But Important Piece of Advice For Aspiring Young Women – Be Able To Talk Sports. When I saw the title, I couldn’t wait to read the advice, and sadly, I wasn’t surprised at all. The advice came from Sanyin Siang, Executive Director of the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics (named after Coach Mike Krzyzewski) at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.  The post mentions that, in addition to partnering with Coach K in propagating his leadership formula from the court into the world of business, Sanyin is renowned in her own right, with influential writings on leadership, ethics, and technology in Fortune, Forbes and the Huffington Post, among others. [Read more…]  

Three Hard Conversations You’ll Have As A Female Leader

There are few things more uncomfortable than having the “you’re fired” conversation — except maybe having that conversation when you’re one of the most prominent corporate leaders in America. Earlier this year, Marissa Mayer attracted a lot of media attention when she fired COO Henrique de Castro – her first major hire as Yahoo’s CEO. Some pundits were outraged by the millions in severance he walked away with, while others began speculating about how much longer Mayer would be at the helm. [Read more…]  

The Best Way to Deal With A Mean Girl At Work

You know that woman at your office, the one who makes your life difficult by leaving you out of important meetings or undercutting you in front of your boss? If you have no idea what we’re talking about, let us bring you up to speed: She’s a mean girl. “A mean girl at work is a woman who practices some form of covert competition or indirect aggression toward another woman,” says Katherine Crowley, psychotherapist and co-author of “Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal.” [Read more…]  

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