How to Strategically Integrate Emerging Mobile Apps and Advances in Mobile Payment Systems into Your Existing Organizational Framework

May 27, 2014 9:00am

Elaine J. Cormack
Senior Legal Counsel

  • Identifying regulatory priorities in the rapidly advancing mobile space
  • Superior risk mitigation strategies when incorporating new payment methods into your compliance plan
    • Understanding where liability falls for security breaches in mobile
  • Key considerations when negotiating agreements in the emerging mobile space
  • What are the troublesome challenges to networks and traditional payment methods:
    • mobile technology,
    • alternate payment methods and digital currency,
    • tokenization and the emergence of alternative payment methods and networks
    • How all of this innovation can be seamlessly and successfully incorporated into your compliance plan
  • In-depth analysis of mobile addendum to the voluntary code of conduct
    • Assessing the implications of ignoring non-traditional payment issues
    • How they are regulated