Good Governance: Ensuring Continued Best Practices with Increasing Corporate Governance and Risk Culture Mandates

November 19, 2014 3:15pm

Carol Hansell
Founder and Senior Partner
Hansell LLP

Philippe Sarfati
Managing Director
Promontory Financial Group Canada ULC

Julie Walsh
Vice President, Corporate Governance Office

  • Clarification on the key aspects of OSFI’s corporate governance guidance
  • Industry best practices concerning required notifications of proposed changes of directors and senior officers of Canadian federal financial institutions
  • How are FIs addressing the “bureaucratization” of corporate governance?
    • Buttressing governance to guard against the increase in shareholder remedy class action claims
    • Appointing women: How is industry responding?
  • Understanding subsidiary governance issues
  • Effective risk management requires a healthy risk management culture
    • Regulators believe risk culture drives strategic plans and offer guidance on risk culture