Mark your calendar for 2015.

Get up-to-speed on new workforce housing trends and innovations impacting the accommodation of workers in remote locations — Join us on September 28 & 29, 2015, in Calgary, Alberta at North America’s premier Camp Logistics event.

Thank You to Delegates, Speakers, Sponsors and Partners
for participating and making the event such a success!

CI Energy Group’s 3rd Annual Camp Logistics and Workforce Accommodation Forum was held at the Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta from September 22-24, 2014. The conference, chaired by Sodexo Canada’s Susan Dabbs and the Modular Building Institute’s Stephen Tamayo, touched on all aspects of housing your workers.

    See what participants had to say:

    “This is a well-run event!”
    -Nick Battoclett, Sales Manager, Clean Harbors Lodging Services 

    “I attended last year and found the networking connections valuable.”
    -Larry J. Clark, Senior Sales Manager, Shelter Modular Inc. 

    “[Enjoyed] the diversity of the individuals attending the conference.”
    -Kurt Stogrin, Contract Compliance Manager, Cenovus Energy Inc.

    “The majority of the agenda of the agenda items did relate to our
    interest. It was excellent to actually hear from the customer (MEG &
    Cenovus) as to their experiences, wants and needs!”
    -Tim Fesik, Manager, Marketing and Strategic Development, C&V Portable
     Accommodations Ltd.

    “[Benefited from the] “supplier representation.”
    -Ryan Slemko, Category Manager – Camps, TransCanada Corporation

A Few Program Highlights…

An in-depth discussion about how modular construction is progressing, including what experts view as the main trends and predicted developments in the coming years, with Elio Cozzi of Nomodic Modular Structures, Apple Fitness’ Paul L’Heureux, and Jim Hill of Black Diamond.

Bevan Cambridge and Bobbie-Jo Butters of MEG Energy shared their experiences and lessons in overcoming logistical hurdles and developing a travel program to seamlessly run a camp and execute projects. Their talk underscored how important providing a reliable means for workers to commute long distances is to completing the job on time and on budget. 

A thoughtful and overdue assessment of how camps are handling security as resident numbers grow delved into excessive alcohol or drug use, and the impact of individual worker behaviour on the larger population at hand, courtesy of Cenovus Energy Inc.’s Nelson Ostrup, Staff Sergeant Jason Keays of the RCMP, and Angela C. Angel of Habitat Health Impact Consulting. 

The ever-important challenge of satisfying diverse and discerning palates was explored in a panel featuring Joel Marsh of GFS Edmonton, Canada Beef Inc.’s Duane Ellard, and Civeo’s Christopher B. Rochford. The discussion highlighted the importance of keeping workers happy and healthy, against a highly competitive landscape in which an energy company’s food offerings and culinary expertise matter. 

Adrian Dyer of MEG Energy delivered a compelling presentation with practical advice on how to set up a solid manpower forecasting system. From empty accommodations and unnecessary infrastructure, to scrambling to find third-party rooms in a tight market, he outlined the risks of inaccurate projections from cost and labour standpoints and urged the regular review of camp strategy on capacity issues.

Running your own lodge or farming out the service featured knowledgeable perspectives from Morag Volek of Shell Canada, and Torch Industries’ Stephen Sinclair and Scott Patterson, who explored how cost containment is fueling changes in oil sands housing.

–  Fawzia Sheikh, Conference Producer, CI Energy Group